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Product Recall (August 22, 2022)

When it comes down to it, where do the problems often begin? How can we guard against false teaching? It all comes down to Jesus.

Be Wordly, Not Worldly (August 15, 2022)

How do we avoid strangling the Word of God in our lives with our own desires and the ideas of the world? That’s the subject of tonight’s Steadfast.

Is It Chorizo? (August 8, 2022)

Often times the leaders that seem to draw us in are actually just being self-interested. How do we tell real servant leadership from the show of it?

Dogged Legalism (August 1, 2022)

Legalism seems to be daunting but we keep following legalistic leaders. Why do we do that and what does God call us to instead?

The Invasion (July 25, 2022)

We follow all sorts of unhelpful things, often convincing ourselves that those things are “following God.” What does being an “unhealthy follower” look like and how do we avoid being one?