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Layaway for the Kingdom (October 1, 2023)

How do so many other people seem to fall for the “wide gate” of worldliness and we don’t? Or have we fallen for it and we don’t even realize it?

The Answer (June 26, 2023)

What is our answer to God’s Wisdom? We have to answer the call — it is just a question of how.

Success that Isn't (June 13, 2022)

What does success really look like? As we continue a series on Agur’s wise words in Prov. 30, we consider how we grasp for success.

I Thought This Was Just a Tram (May 23, 2022)

As we move to the New Testament, we look at the story of Felix. He invites conversation with Paul, yet with significant barriers he erects. How do we do the same?

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 18: 3 John)

Jim Krenning shares from 3 John this week, calling us to think about the testimony of our lives.

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 17: Colossians)

We turn this week to Colossians, where we consider worldly philosophies and how they are different from wisdom we learn in the world.