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Songs for Our Temple (Week 40: Ps. 119, Part 1)

The Psalminizers — Jason, Melanie, Jim and Tim — take us through an introduction to Psalm 119 as we reach the longest of the Psalms. We’ll begin to read it this week and then continue to explore it for the next several weeks.

It Was Good (September 26, 2022)

As we begin a journey over the next nine weeks into what the Bible tells us about where we are going, we start by understanding the start.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 39: Ps. 115-118)

Jason and Tim take us through Psalms 115-118 in a special “Zippy the Wonder Snail” edition of Songs for Our Temple as we continue our one year journey through these songs praising God and applying His truth to our lives.

Whom Do We Serve? (September 19, 2022)

As we conclude this Psalm, we turn to the question of what are we going to do? Are we making the right choices with our service?

Faithtoberfest 2022

The Joy of Faith in the Middle of the Fall

Faithtoberfest returns! After two years online due to the pandemic, Faithtoberfest returns to a crisp autumn night outside of FaithTree's home, the Upper Room. On October 14 we will have a special, live streamed festival of incredible music from gifted artists all around our area, entertaining skits and terrific gift card prizes! RSVP for this year's event and relive last year's fantastic festivities, below.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 38: Ps. 112-114)

Jim takes us through Psalms 112-114 as we continue our one year journey through these songs praising God and applying His truth to our lives.

The Coronation (September 12, 2022)

As we turn to the next part of Psalm 2, how do we understand the language of the Messiah being “begotten”? What does that tell us about the confidence we can have in Him?

The End is Near (Sept. 11, 2022)

Do you believe the end is near? We are told to be prepared and to be patient. But in that patience, we also need to be urgent! Because the end is coming.

Salting the World (September 11, 2022)

Are we offering cleansing and hope to those in the world? Or are we racing to match the world to the point that we have nothing to offer?

Be Vigilant (September 11, 2022)

John calls us to be vigilant to spiritual threats, offering a message that went against the flow.

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