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Songs for Our Temple (Week 8: Psalms 22-24)

Jim Krenning shares from Psalms 22-24 — some of the most familiar words in the Psalms — this week as we continue our exploration of the Psalms this year.

This Week’s Reading

Read along with us! Throughout the week, read Psalms 22-24 and, as you have insights or questions, please leave them in the comments below! We’ll be here throughout the week interacting with each other on the readings! We’re aiming to read Psalm 22 today, Psalm 23 by Wednesday and Psalm 24 by Friday so that we can discuss all three of them together.

About this Reading Plan

Get the full details on this 2022 Reading Plan through the Psalms by visiting our overview page.

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Re: Songs for Our Temple (Week 8: Psalms 22-24)

I was amazed at how these three chapters of Psalms followed a sequence of events. Psalms 22, the reason for our Hope. Psalms 24, the promise of our Hope. Finally, Psalms 24 is the reward of our Hope. First, Psalms 22 can carry the name Psalms of the cross, and even Jesus quoted the first verse. What we see here is that the world may be against you, wanting to get rid of you for your belief in Father up above, and you feel alone in this world. Here in Psalms 23, you can find the great shepherd with his promise of comfort, as you journey through this sinful world. Finally, Psalms 24 is the reward and reason for our commitment to follow Jesus Christ. in conclusion our motivation for our steadfast commitment is found in the Hope of our salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. So, sing aloud Psalms 24:8-10.

Posted by Jim Krenning - Feb 22, 2022 | 6:00 AM

Re: Songs for Our Temple (Week 8: Psalms 22-24)

After listening to Jim and reading Psalm 22, it felt more relevant than ever. So much like our lives. Am I misinterpreting that David is almost totally different in his thoughts in the bebinning than the end? Or was he almost bargaining like we sometimes find ourselves doing as well?

Posted by Tamara Butler - Feb 22, 2022 | 11:46 AM

Re: Songs for Our Temple (Week 8: Psalms 22-24)

I believe Christ changed his heart. I think every time David felt discouraged, he turned to God. Like we should do and not turn to others’ things, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as our helper in times of trouble.

Posted by Jim Krenning - Feb 23, 2022 | 6:01 AM

Re: Songs for Our Temple (Week 8: Psalms 22-24)

For by turning to others we are so often discouraged, but with God, never. This is a bit off the track, and I’m probably the only one who didn’t know this but I found this interesting. Concerning the oil in Psalm 23….”it was customary in hot climates to anoint the body with oil to protect it from excessive perspiration. When mixed with perfume, the oil imparted a delightfully refreshing and invigorating sensation. Athletes anointed their bodies as a matter of course before running a race. As the body, therefore, anointed with oil was refreshed, invigorated, and better fitted for action, so the Lord would anoint His “sheep” with the Holy Spirit, Whom oil symbolizes, to fit them to engage more freely in His service and run in the way He directs—in heavenly fellowship with Him.”

Posted by Tamara Butler - Feb 24, 2022 | 9:50 PM

Re: Songs for Our Temple (Week 8: Psalms 22-24)

It is amazing seeing the transformation from the beginning to the end of Ps. 22, isn’t it? I love that about many of the Psalms — they invite us to start in our places of desperation and then see how God solves that desperation over time. In this case, over a very long time (at least in full), since the true fulfillment of it is in Jesus’s himself, who would be forsaken and have his clothes divided that we might experience God’s peace and victory…

Posted by Timothy Butler - Feb 27, 2022 | 6:09 PM

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