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A Devotional Journey for the 12 Days of Christmas

During Advent, we all excitedly look towards celebrating Jesus’s birth. However, suddenly it is December 26 and the world resets to its ordinary preoccupations. That’s what is wonderful about observing the Twelve Days of Christmas: it helps us keep reflecting on God’s grace and the miracle of Christmas after the busyness of Christmas Day is past.

The Twelve Days of Christmas give us an opportunity to slow down and truly reflect on the multifaceted meaning of Jesus’s birth. While the four Gospel writers tell us much about what happens at Christmas and we’ve explored that this Advent in our series Four Told, the rest of Scripture speaks either to the coming of Christmas or reflects back on its significance.

Download this Year’s Devotional

Download Twelve Told to begin this year’s devotional journey. There’s a companion Facebook Event where you can leave comments and Pastor Tim will be posting a daily question to correspond with the devotional. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor Tim.

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