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Worth Protecting (January 30, 2023)

Do we have a purpose in life? Pastor Tim wraps up our series on Psalm 3, looking at our individual callings from God.

Is the Stove Off? (January 23, 2023)

When things are tough, how do we have confidence in God’s promises?

In the Wait... (January 16, 2023)

Where do we turn when things get tough? Shouldn’t the Christian life be easier?

Moonshot (January 9, 2023)

Do we understand the fullness of what God is going to do? Definitely not.

Closing Down the Store (January 2, 2023)

Are we going through ritual expecting nothing can be done or are we ready for God’s Word to redirect us?

God's Snow (December 26, 2022)

Tonight we look at Isaiah 27 to better understand how Christmas fulfilled long given promises and is a turning point for all of us.

The Best Promise (December 19, 2022)

Tonight we look at Isaiah 46 and 49 to better understand the dependability and scope of God’s promises.

Security Theater or Security (December 12, 2022)

Are we seeking real security at Christmas or just security theater?

Righteous or Rusty? (December 5, 2022)

Are we trying to impress people or are we doing what God has actually called us to in faithfulness?

Who Is the One Born on Christmas? (November 28, 2022)

We know the what… Jesus is born. But, do we know the “who”?

You are viewing page 1 of 16.