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Phishers of Men (May 31, 2021)

As we continue our series “the Future is Here,” Pastor Tim digs into Jesus’s warnings about those who will lead many astray — false Messiahs and false prophets.

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 22: Romans)

Pastor Tim turns to Romans for Memorial Day Weekend as we continue our 52 week journey through 52 Verses from 52 Books!

Is the Low Fuel Light of Time On? (May 24, 2021)

As Pastor Tim takes us to Matthew 24 for our new message series on the End Times, we need to think of two risks we face when dealing with the future: apathy and obsession. In contrast to these, Jesus instructs us on how to have the right mindset about the future.

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 21: James)

Jim Krenning takes us to the Epistle of James to think about how sin affects our testimony and how faithfulness can point people to Jesus.

Poor Excuses? (May 17, 2021)

The Bible says we should care for the poor, but also suggests limits on what we do. How do we understand that balance so we can be Christ-like to those around us?

Respect the Curry (May 10, 2021)

Pastor Tim continues our series in Proverbs, considering what the Proverbs tell us about whom we should spend time around.

Honestly! (May 3, 2021)

How important is our integrity in daily life to God? Is it really necessary?

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 15: Exodus)

Join us as Melanie Haynes takes us to Exodus for encouragement about the God who is there with us throughout life.

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 14: Mark)

Join Pastor Tim for a reflection on the good news of Easter with a look at the story of the Resurrection from the Gospel of Mark.

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 13: 1 John)

Jim Krenning continues our adventure through Scripture with a special Palm Sunday edition of #ThisWeekAtLittleHills, looking at 1 John. Please join us!

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