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New Year, New You (January 9, 2022)

New year, new goals, and a new you. The new year is always filled with expectation and anticipation, but how do we focus our goals and vision towards Jesus. In this message, we explore how 2022 can be your best year if it’s your best year in Jesus.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 1: Psalms 1-3)

This year, we are reading through the Psalms and we want to invite you to take part! Melanie, Jim, Jason and Pastor Tim will chat together tonight about what this year on “This Week at Little Hills” will be like and how you can share in the experience of this reading adventure throughout the week!

A New Beginning (January 2, 2022)

Starting over may seem daunting, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. Starting over sometimes means a fresh start and a new beginning.

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 52: Deuteronomy)

Join us as Pastor Tim gives us turns to the book of Deuteronomy for the 52nd week of 52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks. We’ll think about Christmas, waiting and how this all fits into what’s going on in our new 12 Days of Christmas adventure.