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Songs for Our Temple (Week 1: Psalms 1-3)

This year, we are reading through the Psalms and we want to invite you to take part! Melanie, Jim, Jason and Pastor Tim will chat together tonight about what this year on “This Week at Little Hills” will be like and how you can share in the experience of this reading adventure throughout the week!

This Week’s Reading

Read along with us! Throughout the week, read Psalms 1-3 and, as you have insights or questions, please leave them in the comments below! We’ll be here throughout the week interacting with each other on the readings!

About this Reading Plan

Get the full details on this 2022 Reading Plan through the Psalms by visiting our overview page.

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Re: Songs for Our Temple (Week 1: Psalms 1-3)

What do you see in each of these Psalms that you can apply to your every day life.? Chapter 1:7-8 Remember who’s you are! Don’t sway away from it.

Chapter 2:10-12 worship the Lord with Reverence Ps100:2 Do you have reverence when you worship Our Father in heaven?

Posted by Jim Krenning - Jan 04, 2022 | 7:27 AM

Re: Songs for Our Temple (Week 1: Psalms 1-3)

This morning as I’ve been reading over Chapter 3, I have to ask myself, how many people are against me because of my faith? The more vocal I am, the fewer the people. Does it sadden you also that so many people don’t care as much about Jesus as you do?

Posted by Jim Krenning - Jan 05, 2022 | 6:19 AM

Re: Songs for Our Temple (Week 1: Psalms 1-3)

It really can be sad, Jim. I’m so glad our God reminds us in that Psalm that even when people oppose us, He is with us, though. We don’t need to fear opposition, even when it is unpleasant. I pray that I don’t fear, but rather trust what He is doing and thus show His love to others…

Posted by Timothy Butler - Jan 08, 2022 | 12:21 PM

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