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Unpatchable (November 6, 2023)

Sometimes the starting point in desperation is to realize just how desperate we really are.

This Week at Little Hills: Habakkuk (February 23, 2023)

As we enter the season of Lent, Habakkuk helps us think about righteousness and humility.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 26: Ps. 76-78)

We turn with Jason to Psalms 76, 77 and 78. As reflect on the perfection and holiness of God, what is our proper response?

Mistranslated Wonder (June 20, 2022)

As we continue a series on Agur’s wise words in Prov. 30, we turn to things that bring wonder and how wonder can lead us to God (or away from Him without the proper “translation”).

I Thought This Was Just a Tram (May 23, 2022)

As we move to the New Testament, we look at the story of Felix. He invites conversation with Paul, yet with significant barriers he erects. How do we do the same?

Beware the Easter Grass (May 16, 2022)

This week, we turn to Hezekiah’s son Manasseh and the implications of generations of sin. How does our own sin affect us, those around us and those who come after us?

The Pollen of Sin (May 2, 2022)

Continuing our series Bad Attitudes, we turn to a story about two of Aaron’s sons and their reckless approach before God… and how we can fall into the same traps.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 13: Psalms 37-39)

Join the Psalminizers (Jason, Melanie, Jim and Pastor Tim) as we turn to our next three Psalms (37-39) and reflect on how they turn us towards our need for repentance and God’s grace.

We Need Icing (February 14, 2022)

How do we understand ourselves in relationship to God? Isaiah 6 challenges us to think about that.

Advent Wreath Lighting (Week 1)

It’s Advent starting today and Melanie Haynes will help us focus our hearts as the season begins by lighting the first Advent Candle and taking #52Verses52Books52Weeks to the Gospel of Mark.

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