Proverbially Speaking: Is God to Be Feared?

The Book of Proverbs talks about Fear of the Lord. What does that mean? Pastor Tim explores what we find out about this confusing term when we look at how it is used throughout Proverbs.

The God Who Opens Closed Doors

Pastor Tim shares a message from John 20:30-31 to close out “Closed Doors” by reflecting on how the signs contained in the Scriptures are for us and how we are a sign to others.

Closed Doors: Jesus Equips the Broken

Join Pastor Tim this week as he shares from John 20:22-23 on how Jesus equips us even in our weakness and brokenness.

Closed Doors of Doubt

Thinking about Thomas’s story should encourage all of us as we struggle with doubts throughout life. Join Pastor Tim as he shares a message from John 20:24-29 on Thomas and Jesus’s love for the disciple even in his doubts.

Steadfast in Easter Hope

Pastor Tim shares a meditation on the Easter Hope we have from our Mighty Fortress, Jesus. We look at 1 Corinthians 15:20-21 and Ps. 46:8-11.

Steadfast in God's City

God Invites Us into an Immovable City with Him

Pastor Tim continues our series, Steadfast, looking at Psalm 46:1-7, where we learn of God’s heavenly city He invites us into. What do we do when it feels like God’s dwelling place is far away? We look to His promises that come from His steadfast love.

Steadfast: Victory in Our God

Pastor Tim continues our three-week live streaming series, Steadfast, with Psalm 57:4-6. How do we look up to God to escape the “lions of life”? The Psalmist points us to God’s victory for help.


In the midst of the uncertainties of life that seem so present right now, we have a certain God. In our new three-week live streaming series, Steadfast, we will be reflecting on the certainty we have in the Lord. Join us as Pastor Tim shares a message of encouragement from Psalm 57:1-3.