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We Believe: The Bible

We’re diving into biblical authority and what it means for our lives. We believe that the Bible is not just any book but the inspired Word of God, with absolute authority and without error. Join us as we explore why the Bible is unique and how it reveals Jesus, and discover how the Holy Spirit helps us understand its message.

We Believe: the Holy Spirit

Too often, we think the Holy Spirit is just a feeling. He’s much, much more.

We Believe: the Son

We embark on a heartfelt exploration of Jesus and His significance in our lives. Get ready for a thought-provoking episode as Pastor Doyle invites us to embrace the profound truth that Jesus is more than just a human figure; He is undeniably God, the Messiah, and our ultimate Savior. Prepare to be transformed as we uncover the awe-inspiring power of embracing Jesus for who He truly is.

We Believe: God

Discover the truth about knowing God. In a world where Gen Z is increasingly drawn to spirituality, it’s time to challenge cultural assumptions and seek the unknown. Drawing from Acts 17, Pastor Nikomas shares how our perceptions of God can be limited and how questioning our assumptions can lead to a profound understanding. Uncover the journey of finding God, realizing that He is closer than you think. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to know and experience the fulfillment of calling upon Him.

What We Believe

A Summary of What We Believe God's Word Teaches

What is required to be a Christian? We believe that trusting in Jesus for salvation, confessing him to be your Lord and Savior, is the necessary step for being a Christian. At the same time, there is much more the Bible has to say that it is important for Christians to know and to grow in the truth of and what follows gives you an understanding of how we understand different key Biblical teachings at Little Hills.