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Missions and Outreach

We are Here to Serve with the Love of Jesus!

Our prayer as a church is that we would show God’s love to our community and the world. We are here because Jesus loves us and served us even though he was the one worthy of being served (Mark 10:45). We want to follow his example by serving others. While we are a young church, Little Hills believes it is important we are faithful in supporting Gospel efforts around the world as we grow.

Shelly Hivelty, CMF International Missionary to Urban Poor and Church Catalyst (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

We have partnered with Shelly in her ministry to the poor. She currently ministers to children “of the dump”. Children and families who dig through the trash heaps for food, clothing and household items. Through our donations, and others, she can help minister to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Pastor Tirus Kimeu and Jesus Generation Ministries (JGM) Ministries (Anthiriver, Nairobi, Kenya)

Our very first mission when Little Hills started in-person worship. We are faithful partners in our pursuit of bringing souls to Christ. Currently, JGM church is growing and expanding the physical church building. We, at Little Hills, encourage their growth by sending money for the expansion of the church, and to preach in the town squares to bring souls to Christ in Kenya.

Pastor Prakash Pattathil - United Gospel Ministries (Chhattisgarh, India)

We have helped in the ministry of street preaching in Chhattisgarh, India through our partner, Prakash. There are fifteen churches in different Indian States, and six prayer cells. We have donated money for a generator. This will assist the church in taking their preaching the Word of God to the streets of India.

Professor Eduardo Sanchez (Asunción, Paraguay)

Currently, he is a professor of Biblical and Ethical Studies at Seminario Presbyteriano del Paraguay. He is finishing his doctorate in Theology. We donated funds to help him with his tuition so he can teach his students about the incredible love of God, so they in turn can preach the Word within their own communities in Paraguay, and beyond.

Peace and Development Foundation Ukraine Relief Fund (Ukraine)

In the winter of 2023, we sent much needed portable stoves to Ukraine as people had no heat sources due to the war with Russia. Humanitarian aid is crucial in this fallen world. Jesus says we are one body in Him. May we continue to be His hands and feet as we help those in need.

FaithTree Christian Fellowship (St. Charles, Missouri)

Little Hills founding team has been involved with FaithTree since the beginning of that ministry and we are eager to continue to be involved with it, serving alongside the other wonderful churches that are a part of it to show Jesus’s love to our city. FaithTree aims to encourage young adults in St. Charles and neighboring parts of St. Louis County with Christian fellowship, connecting believers from different churches and campus ministries for worship, prayer and thought-provoking conversations about faith. You can find out more at www.faithtreecf.org

More to Come

We’re just getting started, so we’re looking for more ideas on how to serve. Come join us as we launch — we would love to have you take part in these outreach opportunities and others that will be coming in the months ahead.

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