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This Week at Little Hills: What is Faith in Jesus Christ? (April 12, 2024)

Greg takes us to the question “What is Faith in Jesus Christ?” from the New City Catechism. We all need to think about what it means to have faith in the only one who can offer us true salvation.

Twelve Days of Christmas 2023 - Day 8

Pastor Tim thinks about how the different aspects of the Fruit of the Spirit connect together as we arrive at the halfway point of our Twelve Days of Christmas journey to Epiphany.

Twelve Days of Christmas 2023 - Day 6

Pastor Tim contemplates showing goodness on this Sixth Day of Christmas. How has God shown goodness to us and how can we show goodness to others?

The Man Behind the Fish (November 20, 2023)

As we look at the conclusion of Psalm 6 tonight, we explore how David emerges from deep despair even though things aren’t yet fully “right.”

Authenticated Plans (November 13, 2023)

What (or whom) do we trust in when everything seems uncertain? David takes us on a journey to the right place of trust as we continue in Psalm 6.

Unpatchable (November 6, 2023)

Sometimes the starting point in desperation is to realize just how desperate we really are.

Skewering Each Other (September 3, 2023)

When Jesus says that we should get the log out of our own eye before helping someone get a speck out, what does He have in mind? Is He calling us to stop making any moral judgments?

Rain on the Fair (August 28, 2023)

What happens when the rain comes in and it felt like we were following God’s call?

Be a Pickle Jar (August 21, 2023)

As the body, we’re called to show God’s mercy. Can the world see it?

Weeds or Wildflowers? (July 23, 2023)

God sometimes feels very far away, but even then, He is faithful.

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